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Hello Dear Friends,

Hello Dear Friends,

I begin with greeting you sincerely, wish you success with your work and I honestly hope you are in good health.

I meant to write to you for a while. But the process that we’re in, the transportations [from one prison to another] that we are going through and the bad conditions have been preventing it. I was previously at Diyarbakir Type D prison for my treatment. I was transferred there by the Medical Board decision with Ministry of Justice approval, from Siirt Prison. I received treatment in Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Gastrology, Nephrology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine and many other departments. Despite the Medical Board report which stated that my treatments should be ongoing, I still need surgeries and that I should not be travelling which is life threatening, [despite all of that] I was brought to the prison that I’m not staying with a ring bus on 08.08.2016 and I am here since then. The bumpy ride and the lack of medication (that was not given), has made my condition even worse. I did not use my neurological medicine for two months by now. I am unable to take my heart treatment pills, because they want to give me one which they claim the equivalent of what I’ve been using. I cannot use those, as I went into a coma when I used them before.

The orthopedic apparatuses that I use, including a neck rest, are kept in the storage room and have not been given to me for two months. The hospital is at least 25km away and going there with a [ordinary prison] vehicle can increase my risk of becoming disabled. The speed bumps, sudden stops and red lights are life threatening for me. For these reasons I can not go to the hospital or be taken to.

I have a heart condition, hypertension, spine damage, neck problems and lower back problems. These conditions prevent me from travelling. If there would be an emergency situation, it would have taken an hour before the ambulance to get here. It is impossible reaching to the hospital on time. The Diyarbakır Type D prison [the prison that I was before] is 5 minutes away from the hospital and I was already being diagnosed and was receiving my treatment. Seeking a [new] diagnosis again means that being exposed to all that radiation again. Consequently, it means that my condition can get worse. In addition to all that, the State of Emergency declared and you can only imagine what is going on here. It’s the same situation with all prisons at the moment. There is a strict diet that I need to follow but I don’t receive any. A lot of furniture that we bought with our own money when we arrived here are kept in the storage room and not handed over to us. The strip search at the entrance was an addition to all other troubles that I went through.

The letter that you have sent in 2015 had been confiscated, as it was considered as an interview. It has not been given back to me despite all my objections. We are a group of 10 patients in here. All of our situations are similar: there is no

capacity of a proper treatment. It seems that there is no other way other than taking us back to Diyarbakir Type D. You could help to promote the transfer. I salute and wish you success in your work, believing that you are trying to solve the general problems of the prisons and the problems of us, prisoner with health problems in particular. All of my friends also say hello. We are in intense process, as the conflicts of our region and country are projected upon us in a higher level.

Hoping to meet you in a peaceful place without war and prison.


With love. 17.10.2016

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