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Hello Dear Friends,

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well. I got your letter that you sent on 11.10.2016. I would again like to thank you and your staff for the services and for your care.

After your application about my heart condition treatment, a request for non-smoking space, and regular check-ups to the Ministry, I was summoned by the facility management to give my statement. I was promised that I would receive regular treatment. My regular treatment is just an injection once every 20 days, a month maximum and taking my medication. I am at least relieved from the pain this way. My real needs, which are impossible to get in these conditions, receiving a heart surgery, a detail check-up and regular treatment. It looks like to be taken to a smoking free space is impossible. Nevertheless at least we got the monthly injection and medication worked out, which I think would be enough until I am proven innocent. If it is not enough we will take refuge in Allah and hope for the best.

And yes by your organization’s 29.06.2016 dated application, I received a document stating that I was under investigation, which was dated for 19.10.2016 with **** number, sent from The Ministry of Justice, Prison and Correctional Facilities General Management. The document includes my statement and legislation regarding the procedure. Normally I need to get my injection this week, and I submitted an application for it, but no news yet. I guess I will receive it really soon, if not today. If I experience same problems again, I will seek my legal rights and will contact you. Thank you again for your care and if there is anything you want to ask or you think that any information is missing, I would be happy to reply any [further] questions.

Yours Respectfully,

T-Type Prison C.İ.K

Ward B-2

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