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Greetings valuable Civil Society Members,

Greetings valuable Civil Society Members,

As a result of an armed exchange I was shot on 26th of December that resulted in visceral organ damage and my colon being taken out. I was operated on the 26th of December at Adana Askin Tufekci Hospital. The doctor told me that I needed to be operated at the end of three months, on 26th of March, so my colon should

be put back to its place. On the 26th of December because there was no space for prisoners at Adana Askin Tufekci Hospital, the hospital recommended with a report that I should be transferred to Adana Numune Hospital and be operated there. When I went to the Adana Numune Hospital the operation was postponed for a month with the excuse that it is healthier that way. I went there again on the date that was given to me for the operation and on that day, they postponed my operation again with an arbitrary decision. I went there again for the operation and I stayed there for three days prior to the operation day. On operation day I went to the operation theater, they tied my hands and feet and just before I got my anesthesia, at the very last minute, they discharged me without carrying the operation saying that there was something missing on my file and postponed the operation for another 2 months. They only got one blood sample in those 2 months, if they wanted they could get it the same day and I could have the operation by the next day. But instead they postponed it another two months. I went there again on the next operation appointment and waited for another 2 days before surgery. This time, on the operation day my doctor asked to the hospital administration that I needed to be in another service, not in the one for prisoners, because it was a big operation and there was a possibility of infection and the doctor was unwilling to take this risk. The doctor said that he would not carry the operation unless they take me to another service. The hospital administration disagreed, so I was discharged.

I was at the court twice and I explained my condition during both trials. The court filed a request asking ‘whatever needed to be done as a matter of urgency’ and sent it to the prison. I filed petitions to many other places like the district attorney’s office, stating that I am unable to receive my operation, though with no result.

My colon is outside of my body for the past 10 months and I have been supposed to be operated for the last 7 months. The mistreatment (victimhood) that I am going through stands unaddressed. Now they are telling me again that I can be operated by the middle of November’ but I do not find it credible as they have been telling me the same all this time. In addition, they have been promising that I should receive an operation in last 7 months [without any result] I am seeking a response to moral and legal rights that I have, but I have no response. Like I said earlier, I filed many requests but so far nothing has changed. I hope that with your efforts something can change. Otherwise my condition will be worse and this may lead to other diseases or disabilities in the future. I expect that you focused on this issue and keep pushing to achieve for a result. With your lead I want to receive an operation in another hospital, as I want my health back. By the way I would like to correct something that you wrote earlier, that I was shot at İzmir – Dikili, which is not true, I think there may have been a mistake.

I salute you with respect and wish you success on your work.

**** F Type Prison 26.10.2016

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